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Radio Online

Our programming is mainly musical and very eclectic. Indeed, Radio Online broadcasts on live internet a selection of more than 6008 pieces of music. But eclecticism is not an end in itself for our programmers: our task is to constitute a living museum of music. All the music. Here, there are no niches. The music we offer live has no limits, no genre, no nationality.

Radio Online: your daily musical journey

Go on a psychedelic California road with the Jim Morrison Doors, or the Mamas and Papas melodies. Walk through the cheerful and misty streets of Swinging London with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Snap your fingers, leaning on the JukeBox, with Otis Redding, Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison. Then, surf with joy, in Bermuda, with the Beach Boys and the group Love. Live Radio, let Lou Reed and Nick Cave guide you through the most obscure corners of the human soul.

Then shout, rage or gladness alongside James Brown and Prince. Light a campfire and meditate at night to the acoustic guitars and songs of Kurt Cobain, Muddy Waters or Bonnie Prince Billy. Or, glide unrestrained to listen to Pink Floyd’s Shine on you crazy diamond; Pieces dedicated to Syd Barret whose madness will know how to caress the eardrums.

Live Radio Online

The legends of the beautiful live on the radio

Lovez you on the sofa by listening to the magical voice of Frank Sinatra. Stay in front of the never-altered geniuses of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Tremble with emotion as you listen to Thom Yorke’s Radiohead and Beth Gibbons’ Portshead. Cross Central Park at night with David Bowie and the Velvet Undergound. Find comfort in listening to the Shins and the AIR group.

Jazz is not outdone when you listen to ida live radio: Miles Davis or Erik Truffaz for the mysterious beauty. Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday, the rough diamonds of vocal jazz will hypnotize your heart. Listen to the French language deploy in all its depth with the poets Alain Bashung, Léo Ferré or Jacques Brel.

Discoveries of Radio Online

There is no question, for our programmers, to make idaradio a tap with great classics. We are a hundred leagues from any demagogic temptation. With ears on the lookout, we will explore with you the mysteries of modern musical production. Around Stufjan Stevens, Nicholas Jaar, Tame Impala dance around the controversial giant Smiths: Morrissey. Congratulate you on the talent of emerging French groups such as La Femme or Grand Blanc. Dive into cinematic atmospheres with the music of Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks) and the intelligent dreams of Robert Wyatt.

Daring the classic live on the Radio Online

As you can see, ida radio is free from all constraints (audiences or publicity), which allows it to dare the diffusion of classical music. Despite a rather rock’n’roll identity, or rather because of its rock’n’roll identity, we do not hesitate to sprinkle your jewelry music day with Jean-Sebastien Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Elgar or Erik Satie . In the same way, you will have the pleasure of regularly hearing short poetic interstices. Great actors declare the marvelous verses of classical or philosophical poems. Not bad for a webradio, is not it?

We wish you a pleasant journey on Radio Online.